Honeybee keeping


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Honey Bee keeping can be done to earn livelihood by women and unemployed youth.



Beekeeping in India is a growing trend. Honey bee farming in India can be done as a stand alone commercial honey bee farm or can be integrated with crops to increase the crop yield and get additional income from honey.  Beekeeping is as old as history. Honeybees have found a place in literature, philosophy, art, folklore and even architecture. In fact, maintaining a beehive in a farm promises additional income to farmers. In addition, it does not require huge investments, infrastructure or even a fertile land to start bee farming in India. In agricultural, honey bees do not compete with the crops for resources. On the other hand, it helps increase agricultural productivity. This is because bees play an important role in pollinating many plants. Sunflowers and such other crops are highly dependent on bees for pollination. Honey produced by bees is of high commercial value. When honey is collected from the forests by traditional method, the bee colonies are destroyed. By raising them in artificial hives the colonies are preserved.

Lessons that you will learn

Lesson-1 Bee keeping
Caring of honeybees
Maintenance of hive
Lesson-2 Work routine of honey bees
Honey extraction from honeycomb
Wax production from hive
Lesson-3 Queen honeybee production
Artificial method of queen honeybee production
Co-products of honey bee
Lesson-4 Preparing artificial food for bee (part 1)
Preparing artificial food for bee (part 2)

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