Paddy Cultivation using SRI Method and Weed Control


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Learning Objectives

The course shall cover the scientific technique of increasing the yield of paddy, a new method of growing known as “SRI VIDHI”, the pests and the pesticides to be used, removal of weeds. It will have two lessons with four video and seven audio lessons in the two course.

The practices that culminated in SRI began in the 1960s based on Fr. de Laulanie’s observations. Principles included applying a minimum quantity of water and the individual transplanting of very young seedlings in a square pattern. In 1993, Uphoff met officials from Association Tefy Saina, an NGO set up in Madagascar in 1990 by de Laulanie to promote SRI. He observed SRI for three years and witnessed Malagasy

farmers who previously averaged two tons harvest per hectare, averaged eight tons per hectare with SRI. The method is now widely used in India and a way to self reliance in food.


The course teaches you the scientific technique for increased paddy (Dhan) yield. The course shall have following videos on subjects of paddy farming.

  1. Dhan ki vaigyanik kheti part-1

  2. Dhan ki vaigyanik kheti part-2

  3. SRI vidhi se dhan ki kheti bhag – 1.

  4. SRI vidhi se dhan ki kheti bhag – 2

  5. Dhan ke Pramukh kit part-1

  6. Dhan ke Pramukh kit part-2

  7. Dhan main prmukh kharpatwar

Sample video course:ombined harvestar se dhan kii katai

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