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Prof. Dr. Sir H. O. Srivastava, IBS, K. St. J
M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph. D. (Info Sys.), Ph. D. (Chemistry), D. Lit. (Management), Chancellor WDF University

Date: October, 16, 2023:Are leaders responsible for failure of democracy world over?

In my previous post , I wrote about failure of democracy and dissatisfaction of citizens in large democracies where 62% people expressed discontent (Source: PEW RESEARCH CENTER, DECEMBER 5, 2022) by this type of governance. In this post I want to analyse about cause of this failure and dissatisfaction. Are the leaders responsible for failure of democracy world-over?

Ref: Has Democracy Failed World Over?

The Leaders:
The absence of right qualifications for people to serve as representatives.

(Note: I don’t take a degree from IIT/MIT or a B school as the right qualification) Ref. One Common Challenge Within The Higher Ed Industry

Establishing fundamental qualifications ensures that individuals elected to represent the public possess a specific degree of competence and expertise in matters of governance and public policy. This measure serves to mitigate the risk of unqualified or inexperienced individuals making pivotal decisions.
Moreover, these basic qualifications can be tailored to counteract the rise of extremists or those espousing extremist ideologies seeking political power, thus safeguarding the integrity of the democratic system against potential threats. Integrating a curriculum emphasizing patriotism for the nation, coupled with some form of military training, could be a component of these qualifications. Such qualified representatives are more likely to be well-equipped to make judicious decisions and are also expected to be more accountable for their actions, given their enhanced understanding of the issues they confront.
Elected representatives ought to undergo rigorous scrutiny by a prestigious examining authority to assess their suitability before they are permitted to participate in elections. Individuals with questionable integrity should be prohibited from entering the electoral arena. In cases where a criminal accusation is pending, candidacy should only be allowed following a court acquittal obtained after a fair trial. The existing system, wherein legal proceedings can be protracted for numerous years or even decades due to the ability of candidates to engage top legal representation and delay verdicts, must be promptly discontinued. In the proposed new system, the responsibility should rest with the candidates to diligently pursue swift judicial resolutions to establish their innocence.
Ethical and Honest:
Maintaining the integrity of the democratic system relies on upholding ethical values and insisting on honesty from political leaders. What transpires in a nation where the political landscape resembles the allegorical tale of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves?
To be continued…